Revival Race Has 2 Teams Seeing Who Can Start Their Barn Find Faster

Bringing back an old car to life can be a little bit of a challenge. Actually, ...

Bringing back an old car to life can be a little bit of a challenge. Actually, depending on the case it could be a lot of a challenge!

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However, with the right amount of know-how and a couple of select tools, anything is possible. In most cases, there isn’t necessarily a competition to be the fastest one to restore a vehicle’s former luster, though. This time, all that is changing with a unique idea that really drew us in.

Over on the Junkyard Digs YouTube channel, they had quite the concept come to life. First, a pair of vehicles in a similar condition that had been parked for a similar amount of time had to be sourced. Both of these vehicles theoretically would provide an equal challenge for the teams to get them started.

With the help of Facebook Marketplace, the production was able to locate a pair of old Mopars. These rides had been sitting on a farm for somewhere from 4 to 5 years and would be brought in for the challenge. In one corner, we have a 1977 Dodge D100 van. In the other, we see a 1989 Dodge W150 pickup truck.

Both of these machines clad in a grayish patina were going to need a little bit of TLC to get going again. Just how much work they’d need was yet to be determined. This is where the fun really gets started.

By following along with the video below, we watch as the automotive repair is turned into a competition. Who would reign supreme in this duel to bring these bad boys back to life? As if working on a car and snapping off bolts wasn’t stressful enough, why not throw a little bit of head-to-head in the mix?

Hey, you might even pick up a couple of tips and tricks here to get your own neglected car back to life!

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