Rolls Royce Takes Everything To Another Level… Including Tailgating

If you’re thinking about everything that is excess, how do you even have that ...

If you’re thinking about everything that is excess, how do you even have that conversation and let it finish without at least bringing up Rolls-Royce once? We will let you decide if that’s for better or for worse but there is simply no denying that the company does everything that they can to really go above and beyond to make their vehicles a spectacle. With this effort comes the high-end buyers that simply need to have every last bell and whistle possible on their car or, as of this year, their SUV with a Rolls-Royce emblem up front.

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The company has recently entered themselves into the SUV market with the announcement of their new model in the Rolls-Royce Cullinan and as you could imagine, having the functionality of a normal SUV without any bells and whistles wouldn’t be very Rolls-Royce of them so, this time, we’re taking the opportunity to dive into one of the neat features encompassed by the SUV that will make it stand out from the group. Now, it might be something that you never actually use but then again, the whole point of the Rolls-Royce is basically to say that you have one so either way, this feature will fall right in line with the ideology behind the machine.

The video below digs into the tailgate of this unlikely SUV and displays it as it shows the features that will give you the ultimate tailgating ability. Now, I don’t necessarily see somebody with a Rolls-Royce getting hammered and jumping through tables in the parking lot before an American football game, however, we can see a rear tailgate that provides you with foldout seats and even a table to come in handy at a nice and quiet car show or maybe some sort of wine tasting event. We’re talking about class here, people!


Rolls Royce Offers Fanciest Way To Tailgate

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Posted by Cars Insider on Thursday, October 4, 2018

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