Ross Fowler Wins TI King Of The Streets In His Twin Turbo UGR Lamborghini. Full Video Breakdown!

Via Underground Racing “Texas Invitational Recap (Please read carefully) I will ...

Via Underground Racing

“Texas Invitational Recap (Please read carefully) I will try to make it as short as possible.

First off, I want to say congratulations to our customers for absolutely killing it this past weekend in their respected classes and to our clients and staff for staying respectful when others were not.  Ross won the main event “King of the Streets” in his Underground Racing Twin Turbo Lamborghini Huracan, Micah won the manual “6 Speed Challenge” and the “195 MPH Trap Attack” in his Underground Racing Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera.

Good right?  Well, it was not so great due to Ross being accused of cheating to win the final race and has been disrespectfully ridiculed since.  The experience turned out to be very disappointing.  There have been a lot of bad things said and false rumors stated online and at the event.  We will leave that alone for now only to focus on the issues of the race that started the mess.  A few very misleading video clips were put out that caused a lot of confusion as to what really happened.  Hopefully the other shop owner will take the time to review the video and see if he sees it as we do being that it was indeed a fair start in the finals.  Maybe we can clear the air at that point, let the drama rest and get back to focusing on the next event.

I was told some line judges were added to help make it more accurate, then I was told by another TSS member that its always been like that. There were quite a few instances were the TSS guys contradicted themselves and each other.  We will leave that alone for now as well and just stay focused on the final race which they did a good job of making the decision to green light.  As you will see in the video the race was well within the TSS starting rules.

Now, one TSS related issues that needs to be cleared up and has been a major point of the discussions is that we were told that the left lane is to SET the pace and the right lane is to PACE the left.  This is normally done to help make pacing each other easier to get a green light.  We were accused of lying about this rule and said there where no such rules about it and no one told us this.  There has been so much trash being talked about us over claiming we made that up.  Never ONCE did a TSS member acknowledge that we were indeed instructed to do so and that was very disappointing.

Well, it turns out we caught that on video more than one time, in fact it happened on the race in question.  After some posts last night I had some pretty interesting stuff confessed to me but again I will put that aside for now so we can focus on the race.  Thankfully we captured Ross being told this again by the TSS President himself as you will see in the video.

Moving on to the King of the Streets final race that WAS in question, Ross was up against a GTR that was extremely fast (shop race car).  Before Ross raced we chatted about the challenge he was going face having to beat the car that was the top qualifier of the race at 230 mph.  On Ross’s tire setup, we could only get enough traction in high gear to run a 218 mph qualifying run which was pretty frustrating that we couldn’t use a large portion of the power on tap. Ross knew he would have to stay focused and have a fast reaction time on the green light. It took a few attempts to get them off with a green light, like a lot of races typically do but Ross did a great job on his reaction as the video will show clearly Ross won with a near one second quicker reaction time ( the time difference in take off from the green light ). The light went green and they BOTH took off, only with the GTR taking off a little late, falling behind the GTR presses his emergency power button only to over power and spin the tires to fall further behind and gave up from there.  Unfortunately, for the GTR the reaction time and tire spin both happening put the GTR at a huge disadvantage that there was no recovering from.

There was a side wide angle video released from a cell phone (side judge) that was VERY misleading as to what actually happened.  Due to this angle of this view the perception is that there was an extreme gap between the cars and then a sling shot.  Footage seen from the on car video will show that the cars were paced very closely compared to what was seen in the side angle video.  There was also a two clip edited video of on car footage from the GTR that was not synced properly and made it out to look like a sling shot happened as well.  Comparing the full GTR in car to the clipped version it is very obvious.  As you will see from our full unclipped footage of each view there was no sling shot and it was a good decision on behalf of the TSS staff member to switch the light to green.

Roll racing is a simulated STREET RACE. No matter what happened after, the fact is these guys got a valid green light to race, both cars accelerated and it was a RACE. Judge for yourself. This is about as clean of a start as you will see in any roll racing environment.  Hopefully this will clear the air that there was NO cheating involved, rather it was the GTR that made mistakes putting him at a disadvantage and it happens to the best of us sometimes, it’s a part of RACING.”

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