Street Race in Palmdale Ends in One Mustang Being Cut in half And a Passenger in the Hospital

While we certainly enjoy a good street race as much as anybody, we can’t ...

While we certainly enjoy a good street race as much as anybody, we can’t express enough how dangerous it is, and we are often reminded in very in-your-face ways.

Recently, in Palmdale, California, a pair of Mustangs tangled on the street, only to find themselves unexpectedly barreling toward a red traffic signal at a high rate of speed. One of the cars slammed on the brakes and actually spun out and slid backwards through the intersection. The other Mustang was not quite so lucky, being t-boned by a car passing through the intersection.

The impact sent the Mustang spinning into a utility pole, which sheared it in half, sending a passenger to the hospital in critical condition. The passenger is expected to survive their injuries. This just goes to show how quickly things can take a terrible turn when you decide to take the risk of lining up on the street.

Mustang split in half after crash in Palmdale

A possible street race left a mangled mess on the streets of Palmdale, splitting this Mustang in half.More: http://bit.ly/2reZRL6

Posted by Fox 11 Los Angeles on Sunday, May 14, 2017

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