The All New 5,000hp Devel Sixteen Has Been Spotted In The Wild!

If there’s one machine that you can say has stirred up its fair share of ...

If there’s one machine that you can say has stirred up its fair share of controversy, the car that would definitely fit that bill would be the Devel Sixteen, a machine that we have seen claims of 5000 hp from but have never really have been given any sort of real-world results for. With these high claims also come promises of over 300 mph with the middle of the three trim levels and when you consider the fact that it’s all coming from a small startup, it almost seems like a joke. On the surface, with all that we’re used to seeing on the web these days, it almost looks like an elaborate marketing scheme in some shape or form.

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This time, we get yet another look at the car that has some insane promises behind it as it cruises around, drawing attention to itself by doing, well, nothing at all. Now, the machine does come in three levels with an entry-level car sporting an LS power plant, the second level being the one that’s capable of the north of 300 mph promise and a third tier that’s been advertised as for racing use only, as the car that will allegedly sport 5000hp. Powering it all is supposed to be a 12.3L quad turbo power plant and the promises are rather absurd.

Follow along with the video below that shows off one version of this very confusing release that has been in the rumor mill for quite some time now. We’re not sure exactly what level of Devel Sixteen this is but we want to see one of these things rip! After soaking all of this in, tell us what your take is on the Devel Sixteen and if you’re buying into the hype that goes alongside this machine that has some pretty lofty promises to take on.

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