The Ultimate Good Deal – Dude Finds Abandoned Boat and Brings it Back to Life

Just stumbling upon a sunken boat is an odd phenomenon. As someone who has been ...

Just stumbling upon a sunken boat is an odd phenomenon. As someone who has been around boating for their entire life, I can’t say that I’ve ever had this happen aside from a vessel that has been sitting for years upon years, consumed by mother nature. Sure, this evidence is anecdotal but I’d like to believe that I speak for more than myself when I say that┬ástumbling upon a boat that was recently left behind just isn’t something that’s all that common.

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For someone who does end up in this situation, there are probably about a million questions going through their head.

How did this boat get here?

What happened to the people that were on board of the boat?

Are they still alive?

Eventually, after scrolling through this list of questions in one’s head, someone who ends up in the situation probably finds themselves asking if they could make use of the boat themselves. For the YouTuber who goes by the name of “Marty T,” that was pretty much his thought process.

After stumbling upon the boat that appeared to be in pretty good condition, he took it upon himself to take it home. After getting home, Marty would ask around to see if he could gather more information on the vessel. After all, if somebody died or the boat was stolen, keeping it wouldn’t do Marty much good.

As it turns out, the boat was reported missing a couple of weeks prior to the video being filmed. However, the owners don’t really know how long it has been adrift. After discovering that it was missing, the original owners reported it to the insurance company and got themselves a claim. Therefore, they decided that they didn’t want it and Marty got himself a free boat.

By following along with the video below, we join in on the action-packed sequence. It’s rather exciting to see our host go through the list from figuring out where the vessel came from to eventually trying to get it running once again. As it turns out, a free boat that somebody found sinking ends up being a pretty interesting project!

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