The Ultimate Import vs Domestic Battle – 1000hp Camaro vs Full Beast Mode GT-R

When it comes to drag racing, one of the oldest rivalries in the book is the one that ...

When it comes to drag racing, one of the oldest rivalries in the book is the one that goes down when import goes toe to toe with domestic to see which part of the globe is going to come out on top in these matchups that put oh so different setups up against one another.

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This time, we have a pair of fan favorites going at it when a Chevrolet Camaro boasting 1000 hp goes up against the Nissan GT-R a car that has been proven to be amongst the best in straight-line performance time and time again, using its all-wheel-drive components to beat the opposition off of the line and never look back.

This time, when we head to the streets, we watch the race unfold as the Nissan gets a nice little leap off of the line ahead of the Camaro as might be expected but it does look like the Camaro is beginning to use all of that power to start to reel the import back in once again.

Will the old-school American iron be able to muster up enough power to overcome the lead that the Nissan has jumped out to or is this one going to be a win for the brutal Japanese machine? Check out the video down below to find out for yourself.

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