Toll Gantry Superload – How Do They Transport a 235-Foot Piece of Steel?

As we make our way through the highways of the country, not too many people are ...

As we make our way through the highways of the country, not too many people are thinking about how they came together. Take smoothly paved roads for example. One of the best ways to realize how good you’ve got it with local roads is to take a trip to areas where they don’t take care of the roadways. That’s certainly a wakeup call. However, not many people stop to think about all of the efforts that went into making those roads perfect.

Perhaps another example is signage. Sure, we expect that there’s going to be a sign on the highway that indicates we need to exit. However, it’s not often that we stop and think about how exactly it got there. After all, it had to take some heavy lifting to hoist the massive structures.

This time, we take the road construction to a new level. With the help of the¬†Big Rig Videos¬†YouTube channel, we’re able to check in on a situation that really shows us how some of the heaviest liftings happens. As it turns out, the piece of steel hanging above the toll plaza is known as the “Gantry” is actually delivered in one piece. Spanning the entire distance of the roadway, it can be massive. In this case, it’s a 235-foot long hunk of steel.

Imagine the struggle of delivering something that’s longer than four big rigs put together! Being able to navigate with such a load could prove to be a challenge for even the most experienced drivers. Ride along to be able to see what the experience is like as it literally stops traffic to make sure that this massive piece of equipment can reach its destination.

We’re willing to be that this video might just change the way that some folks look at that toll plaza.

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