Top 10 Best Movie Car Chase Scenes From the 90’s

When it comes to action movies, there are certain things that can really bring a ...

When it comes to action movies, there are certain things that can really bring a movie together and take it from being good movie to being an iconic movie. One of the things that most people look for in a good action movie is a little bit of a chase scene. Many times, to escalate the action, cars will be thrown into the mix to make the scene go a little bit further and add another element of danger to it in order to bring the viewer deeper into the movie and get them more interested what’s going on as their favorite characters run through the streets, battling with one another and all the elements that come with the chase.

Throughout the 1990s, many iconic movies came and left, not before leaving their mark on us all. Within these movies, many great action titles emerged, really escalating the car chase scene asĀ special effects began to come around stronger and really allow the creative behind these kinds of movies to stretch out their legs a little bit and really show off what’s going on inside their heads. With that in mind, there are definitely some incredibly memorable scenes out of 90s movies that involve a car chase that we just had to revisit and this time, we’re checking out the 10 best as according to Donut Media.

In the video down below, we’re essentially taken back in time, revisiting some of the best movie scenes from the 90s that involved car chases. If you remember movies from just a couple of decades ago or are a film buff who likes these films that would now be considered vintage (scary, right?), you might even remember some of these sequences. Be sure to check out the list and tell us what you think of this collection that Donut Media lays out to be the top 10 car chase scenes of a decade. We think that they really have a good argument with their list here.

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