WATCH: Competition Boils Over on Race Track, Turns Into Bumper Car Match

On the surface, racing might look like a simple concoction. A bunch of cars with ...

On the surface, racing might look like a simple concoction. A bunch of cars with their drivers compete on a surface for victory, right? While that might be the basic gist of competition, there are so many more aspects to it than that. In any given race, the number of moving parts can be downright mind-boggling. If one thing slides out of order, it could end up being a long day.

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One of the factors to keep in mind is that every driver is, in fact, a human being. No matter how professional they might be, every person behind the wheel has their own set of emotions. When we combine this with all of the long, hard hours invested in racing, things can boil over every once in a while. As if the stress of racing isn’t enough, sometimes there’s an undercurrent of rivalry and drama that might unfold between teams.

This time, we check out a couple of drivers that apparently didn’t like each other very much. When it came down to competing, this hatred ended up boiling over into a situation that got incredibly wild. Multiple people had to step in and break it up. Unfortunately, though, there wasn’t much that anyone was able to do until after the majority of the damage was done.

In this one, we follow along as┬áJason Myers takes out JonBoy Brown. Apparently, Brown wasn’t about to have it, either. Things escalated in a hurry at Bowman Gray that night. We tune in with the video below as the drivers end up turning their racing machines into a couple of bumper cars. There certainly has to be some bad blood here. These drivers look like they’re out to get one another. It might’ve unfolded during a race but this appears to go far beyond the race track.

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