What is it That Makes the “Ultimate” Hellcat Build?

For the 2015 model year, some might argue that Dodge changed the performance ...

For the 2015 model year, some might argue that Dodge changed the performance landscape forever by offering up the Hellcat platform. Not only was the car a pivot point in the company’s performance timeline that was becoming lackluster. It also seemed to prove to be a point in time where the entire automotive community would take notice and shift what it was doing. It was from then on that performance enthusiasts couldn’t help but respect the offerings from Dodge.

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Fast forward a couple of years later and the Hellcat is still one of the most respected platforms in the community. However, as a performance enthusiast generally will, we have been finding different ways to make them even better. There’s just something about car guys and girls that can’t seem to leave well enough alone. Even for the most powerful and well-performing platforms in the community, we can’t help but kick them up another notch.

For somebody looking to take the Hellcat platform to an all-new level, perhaps looking to a shop like Forza Tuning and Performance is a good idea. The crew over at Forza has been through quite a couple of the SRT platforms over the years. With their research and development, they’ve figured out the best ways of modifying these things to really offer an even more complete package than the factory.

By following along with the video below, we get to see the final steps of what the shop calls “The Ultimate Hellcat.”

For a lot of people, more than 700 hp out of the box from Dodge is going to be plenty. However, for those looking for a little bit more zest with their ride, this is an option that’s too juicy to ignore. How are they making the magic happen? Find out for yourself with the video down below. – Follow Forza Tuned on Facebook and on Instagram!

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