What Is Under The Hood Of Jeff Lutz’ Iconic ’57 Chevy?

Drag Week icon Jeff Lutz has made himself right at home on both Street Outlaws and ...

Drag Week icon Jeff Lutz has made himself right at home on both Street Outlaws and it’s No Prep Kings spinoff. After years of focusing primarily on the grueling drive-race-drive style event, Lutz decided to branch out into the world of street racing and no prep a couple of years back, and it’s been quite a successful venture on all accounts.

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We first saw Lutz make a short guest appearance on the show several seasons back in his sinister black ’57 Chevy that carried him to several Drag Week wins and records, then also saw his Mad Max Camaro on the show in later episodes. Finally, Lutz completed his latest build and made a legitimate run at the 405’s Top 10, where he’s been a constant presence ever since.

Jeff also decided to take that car to the track, but instead of just running Drag Week, he set the car up for no-prep racing, giving him a year’s worth of options instead of just being eligible to compete one week out of the year. Those of you who know Jeff understand how bad this is for the rest of the no-prep racers, because as Jeff himself points out in this interview, he already has 25 years of experience, so giving him even more seat time is only going to make him that much better!

Lutz’s latest build is another ’57 Chevy, this one wearing a gorgeous bright orange / yellow color in a departure from his recent trend of matte black hotrods. The twin-turbocharged 540 CID big block Chevy cranks out around 3,500 horsepower and in no-prep trim, Jeff runs the car at 2,750 pounds with 100 pounds of weight that can be removed if needed. The turbos are Precision 88mm units, cramming air into Pro-Filer heads atop a Trick Flow block. The power is sent rearward through a ProTorque EV1 converter and Rossler transmission. When he’s not making an all-out assault on the track, Lutz can dial the boost down and drive the car on the street on pump gas with no issues, which is something not too many 3,500 HP cars can claim.


Jeff Lutz | Under The Hood @ Bristol

He's Jeff f***ing Lutz and that's all you really need to know. But if you're curious, check out what LUTZ RACE CARS is running at the Street Outlaws Bristol race on New Year's Day.

Posted by Discovery Motor on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

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