When It’s Cheat Day On Your Diet And Donut Shop Is Closed…

While the headline is fitting and of course, meant to be a joke, this video shows a ...

While the headline is fitting and of course, meant to be a joke, this video shows a pretty serious incident, although luckily it ended with only one minor injury.

From what we have seen, the driver of this sedan was pulling into a parking spot when she accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake, something we’ve seen happen many times, especially with elderly and inexperienced drivers. The car lunged forward and tagged the wall of the shopping center, likely causing the driver to hit her head, as what happened next was even more bizarre.

The car rolled back away from the sidewalk, but it seems the driver, dazed by the first impact, became confused and disoriented and hit the gas again, this time slamming into the front of the shopping center with much more force. The car again bounced off the wall and rolled back out into the parking lot, clearly damaged from the pair of impacts.

By this time, people had begun to take notice and one of the co-owners of the pizza shop in the shopping center sprang into action, running out and risking his own safety to reach through the window and open the door. He appeared to kill the car’s ignition and help the driver from the car. Other onlookers gathered to watch the scene play out, opting to watch or video instead of helping, although it seemed by the time they walked out of the stores to gawk, the pizza shop owner had the situation somewhat under control.

The diver of the car was bruised and dazed by the incident, but was not transported to the hospital. It’s believed the accident was just that, an accident, and not intentional, but the San Diego police are still investigating the incident. Hopefully the driver is okay and is able to get her car repaired and back on the road soon.


Video: Samaritan jumps into action to help South San Diego driver

Video from a South San Diego crash at a Yum Yum Donuts location shows the moment a nearby Samaritan sprang into action to help: https://bit.ly/2MGJthR

Posted by 10News – ABC San Diego KGTV on Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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