When Your Lamborghini Breaks! What Really Happens?

When Your Lamborghini Breaks! What Really Happens?* win this 1100hp widebody redeye ...

When Your Lamborghini Breaks! What Really Happens?

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When you have a car that  you use for performance purposes, odds are, it’s at liberty to break, but depending on your situation, it might not be too expensive to fix.

When you’re behind the wheel of an expensive exotic like a Lamborghini or Ferrari, it might be just a touch more expensive and a lot more anxiety filled.

This time, we ride along with Rob Ferretti as he takes us inside of a variety of situations where he ended up with flamboyant rides that also happened to be broken, calling for some stressful situations.

Check out the video below that takes us everywhere from pushing a Lamborghini to being stuck in gridlock traffic with a messed up transmission. Mental breakdown almost seems imminent here!

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